Don't miss the chance to try these Catalonia gems! Arriving this Fall!

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Wines Available for Pre-Order Arriving Fall 2021

Wines available for Pre-Order

Prices are listed by bottle, all wines come in a 6-pack. HST not included. 

Wines are very limited - first come, first served.

2020 VNB 20 VINELΒ·LO BLANCO (Garnatxa blanca, Macabeu etc) - $34.95/btl (6pk)

2020 SP 20 Subirat Parent - $37.95/btl (6pk)

VY 19 Vinyater - $40.95/btl (6pk)

XL 18 Xarello - $40.95/btl (6pk)

2019 MC 19 Macabeu Filibert - $48.95/btl (6pk)

2020 VNR 20 VINELΒ·LO ROJO (SamsΓ³, Garrut, Trepat, Ull de perdiu, Queixal) - $34.95/btl (6pk)

2019 SM 19 Sumoll - $40.95/btl (6pk)

2019 GT 19 Garrut - $40.95/btl (6pk)

2020 BB 20 Bobal - $40.95/btl (6pk)

2019 UL 19 Ulldellebre - $48.95/btl (6pk)

2020 HY 20 Hydromiel Pet-Nat - $46.95/btl (6pk)


2018 AA Anonimo Ancestral 18 Red $83.95/btl (6pk)

2019 AA Anonimo Ancestral 19 White $90.95/btl (6pk)

2019 Brutal 19 Red 1.5L - $102.95/btl (6pk)

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